Prevent Serious Soil Erosion

Install secure retaining walls around your property

If your home sits on severely sloped land, your landscape could be at risk. Heavy rains can wash away topsoil, leading to serious damage to your lawn or foundation. A retaining wall can also give you more opportunities to plant a garden or line your property with attractive greenery.

Bricks By Ben, LLC is a go-to source for retaining wall installations. Call today and ask us about retaining walls.

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Fortify the perimeter around your house

A new retaining wall can be more than just an aesthetic enhancement for your yard. It can protect your home too. These walls can prevent erosion and landslides during heavy rainstorms.

We offer both synthetic and natural brick options. Synthetic is a modern, affordable option available in a wide range of colors. For longer-lasting installments, use real brick for extra durability. We'd be happy to walk you through your options to make the best decision for your needs and budget.