Your Brick Home Will Look Beautiful for Centuries

Turn to your brick masonry contractor in Wilmington, DE

If you own a historic brick or stone home, it's important that you periodically invest in renovations to keep the masonry looking its best. New stone work is also an excellent addition to any modern structure.  At Bricks By Ben, LLC, we perform custom stone work, including restoration, in the Wilmington, DE area. We would love to serve as your brick masonry contractor for your next project.
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Backed by years of experience

The crew at Bricks By Ben has spent years working with brick and stone. We don't believe in cutting corners or providing a quick fix. If your house or business needs restoration, we'll take the time to do it right. If you're paying for custom stone work, we'll do our best to fulfill your vision using the highest quality products.

It's time to start your masonry now. Count on your local masonry contractor in Wilmington, DE to deliver spectacular results.

Choose the enduring strength of stone

At Bricks By Ben, we believe in building stone features that withstand the test of time. Our team also provides unmatched restoration services. Whether you need a new retaining wall or a renovation for your aging brick, our experts will do the job right. We're proud to perform:

Custom brick masonry installations
Custom stone installations
Historical home preservations

Our team works with skill and precision you won't find anywhere else.  Talk to your trusted brick masonry contractor in Wilmington, DE soon.