Preserving the Past for the Future

Hire our historic home preservation company in Wilmington, DE

If you own a home built before 1940, there's a good chance your house is built with historical building materials. Whether or not you've explored this official title, it's important to periodically restore or maintain the structure.

Over time, masonry features can break down, threatening the aesthetic and structural integrity of your home. The experts at Bricks By Ben, LLC are ready to handle all your historic home renovations in Wilmington, DE. Let us restore your brick and stone to its former beauty.

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We know how to care for your historic brick home

When you work with Bricks By Ben, we'll do more than just clean your historic masonry. Our team will conduct field tests to determine exactly what materials make up your home. Then, we'll make recommendations for historic home renovations that won't destroy the structure. We can handle crumbling masonry, moisture problems and many other issues.

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